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Enhanced External CounterPulsation
Available at The Dove Clinic
Quote about EECP treatment

EECP is a non-invasive out-patient treatment to help many people with angina and heart failure, including when the disabling symptoms of angina are uncontrolled or worsening despite maximal medical and surgical intervention.

Clinical Trials show that approximately 80% of angina patients experience significant symptom relief after EECP that may last up to three years.

It is funded by some PCT’s within the NHS on a named-patient basis, and is reimbursed by some Private Health Insurers. It is rapidly increasing within the NHS, in USA (where it is both FDA and Medicare approved), the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.  

This web site is designed to provide patients and physicians with information about EECP.  The Dove Clinic doctors in London and Winchester are able to discuss EECP with you and treatment is available at the treatment centre in Twyford near Winchester.

“Since completing the treatment I feel much healthier and only on rare occasions use my GTN Spray.  The treatment has made a huge difference to my life and how I enjoy it.”  RA aged 71

If you have angina, especially if your symptoms are not under control, then you should ask your doctor about EECP, or Contact Us for further information.

Download “The Physician’s guide to EECP”

The treatment itself  can be compared to mild exercise albeit that happens on a special EECP bed. To see what happens click here to see a video.   To read a patient’s experience of the treatment click here.

EECP is a safe and effective treatment for angina and heart failure available in Hampshire.  

EECP - Enhanced External CounterPulsation

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