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EECP - Enhanced External CounterPulsation


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WHAT IS EECP?                                              


Step by step guide to the treatment


  1. During treatment three ECG stickers are placed on the chest to measure the heart’s contraction and relaxation (systole and diastole).
  2. The patient rests on a bed and has blood pressure cuffs placed around the calf, thigh and buttock area over thin clothing.
  3. At the exact moment of diastole or heart relaxation, the blood pressure cuffs inflate starting from the calf sequentially up to the buttocks which causes a counter pulsation of blood.
  4. The cuffs then rapidly relax and deflate in time for the hearts contraction phase. This feels like a firm massage in time with your heart beat.
  5. Unlike bypass surgery or angioplasty there is no need for any overnight stay in hospital. The patient attends for a total of 35 hours treatment on the EECP bed. This is usually completed in one hour treatment sessions per day, but can be increased to two hours per day with a short break between the first and second hour.



EECP treatment video clip Click here

EECP Treatment supervised by Dr Richard Fuller 2
EECP Treatment supervised by Dr Richard Fuller